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Challenges & Goals

Freshly awarded from a prestigious conducting competition Krista already had a flourishing career. Yet she still didn't have an online presence. Work in the world of classical music isn't particularly found online, so she just needed a beautiful online business card.

convey confidence to the professionals in her field
(think competent, elegant)

have her spirit shine through: humble, young, fresh, collaborative: anything but the stuffy and authoritarian conductors of old

keep the content and design efficient and minimal

make it as easy to update as possible (conductors are busy people)


Nothing to prove

Carefully selecting the content conveys confidence. While a beginning artist might want to share every little thing they did, an established one simply selects a few items.
Also, women are often – on top of all the rest – expected to look beautiful. Krista is a gorgeous woman, yet we decided not to show pictures on the first screen. This is about her craft, not her face.

just her name and her function on the first screen

giving space for her "biggest" social proof: the award.

just the 2 reviews, no need to shower visitors with too much information

minimal slider of video's, to show only one at a time

Juana: an elegant and versatile font


Krista is of the new generation of conductors. She works not from a place of authority but of collaboration. She is friendly and has plenty of self deprecation.

beautiful portraits showing a competent yet approachable woman

breaking the rectangles with soft organic shapes

soft colors like a cosy winter morning

cabinet grotesk: a friendly, slightly nutty body font

Always mindful of your wallet

We are all busy bees and we like to use our time and money well. Always mindful of that, I offered Krista a one page website, as it is cheaper than one page per section. In the same vein, I offered her to only translate her bio instead of the whole site.
As for easy updates, I built the agenda in such a way that she only had to add new dates, (with an optional link to tickets) and didn't need to worry about the display nor the archiving of past dates.
Adding video's to the slider is also very quick and changing her bio is a few clicks away.


A warm and efficient website that will stand the test of time and be easy to manage.

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