svenja Gabler

opera singer & theater maker


information architecture

webflow development

Challenges & Goals

Svenja Gabler needed a new website up to speed with her growing career as a soloist. It had to provide a proper showcase of her own solo shows, as well as make it easy for her to update the content. We had to reconcile several aspects of her professional identity: the performer, the creative and the activist and we had to find the right balance between the three.

convey authority and competence to casting directors

exhibit her creative side without appearing goofy

express her care and engagement in societal and environmental issues, without alienating programmers and audience

craft a calendar that would be easy to manage and tailored to the needs of an opera singer


The opera singer: classic & competent

The most important thing was to convey competence and confidence. This meant curating her content to offer only her absolute best, videos and photographs alike.
In terms of style, we needed a timeless design that would be just a tad playful. 

high end color theme: floral white background and deep purple font

feminine font for headers reminiscent of the 1920’s, as a sort of Chanel with a punch

very high quality portraits

smooth and discreet scrolling interactions

luxurious whitespace oozing confidence and calm

huge featured image in her solo shows, for a sense of awe

We added newspaper reviews and placed them where they couldn't be missed, as those are the most relevant kind of social proof for recruters.

The theatre maker: creative and spontaneous

Svenja has a very bubbly personality and her talents go beyond performing. She also writes her own solo shows.

bright red carpet accent color reminding of her dress

breaking the rectangles by masking her portraits with a slight curve

selected stage pictures with high spontaneity factor

copy describing her own solo shows is personal and playful

The activist: caring and dynamic

This part of Svenja's activity had to be toned down, as it is the most distracting thing that could potentially alienate her target audience in the conservative field of opera. That being said, we didn't want to hide it either.
Her care for social and environmental issues is now present in the themes of some of her solo projects, and it is mentioned in her bio as well as on the homepage.


A beautiful website that displays the many facets of this very unique performer.

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