Well Hello!
Delighted to see you here.
Curiosity is the mother of great designs.
Let's explore together.

What I’m here for

Lightening the load of  hardworking creatives

What I’m good at

Spotlighting the humans behind the achievements
Talented in
  • Defining your brand's unique voice and delivering designs that mirror it perfectly
  • Making it all look and feel sleek
  • Helping you feel proud of your work (again)
Trained in
  • UI design (aka clean and efficient styling of website content)
  • Webflow development (aka low-code website building)
  • Opera singing (aka... wait, what?)
Believing in
  • Integrity – I partner with you for the satisfaction of shared growth.
  • Vulnerability – because I’ve seen that the courage to be authentic is infectious.
  • Empathy – because I know that it can change the world.
But people mostly come to me for unique creative designs
and all things graphic with a dash of quirk.

Quick timeline

(flick or click)
Nerd, scrapbooking my school calendar and humming disney songs all day long
Brave and determined opera singer acting my heart out from Tokyo to Sao Paolo
Married to my best friend, coding philosopher and Trekkie at heart
Taking a 180º turn and landing first web design client
Proud All-Round Hustler at Summerthyme Studio and Helper of Creative Spirits

Fun Facts

(poke to peek)

Born between two worlds, I have to add garlic to every dish and I treat my bike like family (it’s almost got a seat at our dinner table).

(Mostly) Vegan of the non-fundamentalist category. Meaning the occasional egg and cheese do make their way on my plate (stone me).

I grew up without a TV!! But don't fret, I've binged enough shows now to make up for it.

I’m the mom of a most scrumptious little boy.
(He tells me to tell you all that he said RRRRtototo 👋)

I had dreams of becoming a therapist until the reality of a decade-long study hit me. But the love for understanding the human psyche? That remains.

Now that we’re practically family
Want to make beautiful things together?