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digital design

Vibrant websites for brave entrepreneurs
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UX/UI design

Beauty & function

Websites that work and look beautiful.


Soulful designs

Digital spaces that are tailored to your specific needs, clients and personality.


Swift & smooth
  • Fast loading times
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User-friendly Content Management System

They dared it before you

creative spirits

Elsa Chartin

Textile artist & designer

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With her artistic background, Lucie has an understanding in the importance of one's own voice. She is analytic, structured and responsive. She sees the details, and it is all about the details! She managed to put more importance in my work than I could see myself. And that’s what an artist often needs help with.

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Svenja Gabler

Opera singer & Theatre maker

Lucie has really helped me synthesize my brand, the message and the structure. We ended up with a gorgeous website that I am extremely proud to refer, to casting directors and programmers alike. The whole process exceeded my expectations.

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krista audere


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Lucie has been a wonderful inspirator, collaborator and excellent at creating my online presence. Not only does she work fast but the whole process is very clear and detailed which helps achieving a very personal final result. Love how the website will stand the test of time and is very easy to configure myself.

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What's in it for you?


Slow site and tedious updates? I’ve got you covered. I develop websites that are fast, SEO proof and have a friendly CMS allowing you to manage your content without a sweat. So now you can go run your business or play with your kids.


Are you also frustrated by the same old inflexible templates that don’t even represent you? It’s probably time to leave the ready-made behind, you deserve something special.


Your users should never be waiting for a page to load or searching for a contact form. I want them to effortlessly find whatever they are looking for while (preferably) enjoying the experience.

meet the dreamteam

Two gals on a mission

Hi! I'm


Webdesigner & Certified Webflow developer

I am a strong believer in reducing sources of frustration wherever I can, and the web is my favorite hunting ground. Nobody should ever be chasing a mandatory form or dodging sneaky ads. The internet should be friendly, extremely functional, and preferably delightful.

I also care deeply about helping businesses and individuals empower themselves by finding their voice and visual identity. Because ultimately, I believe that less frustrated humans might have more headspace for nuance and empathy, and we need all the help we can get.

Partner in crime:

Hello! I'm


Photographer & Marketeer

Quite often I see talented entrepreneurs struggling to communicate the value of what they are doing, and it bothers me. I believe that everyone who dares to create something valuable and new in the world deserves to be seen, heard, and understood. That’s why I use my expertise in photography, marketing, and communications to craft powerful visual stories that can be shared on websites or social media.

As a marketer at heart, I bring clarity and structure to the creative process and help entrepreneurs match their values and stories, customers and offers, instruments, and goals. As a photographer, I love to help people to feel present and confident, to capture the wisdom in their eyes, and to show the human soul behind the business.

So, what's the plan?


Untangling it all

The first step into creating a neat website will be to clarify your message, your goals and who your ideal clients are. We will discover together the appropriate tone and feel of your company.


Making sure we have understood your audience and their needs, we will sketch the bare bones of your new website. In the meantime, we will prepare your content. Think: planning a photoshoot, working on the words, the logo, or the illustrations.

The fun part!

Then will come the long-awaited moment of playing with type, colors and movement. Basically, making it all look beautiful, smooth and exciting.

Sit back and relax

Claim your hammock: your work is done. While we will be building the site, making it fast and loved by search engines, you will only have to put your feet up and ready yourself for launch.

More questions?


What's it gonna cost you?

What are your ambitions with this project? Which problems need solving? Small problem, small budget. Big fluffy problems, big fluffy budget. But to give you an idea, it usually sits somewhere between €1000 and €6000.


How long will it take?

Mindful of everyone's time, I will work as quickly as possible. Typically, it can take from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Bear in mind that your tempo in delivering content and feedback will also have an impact on the timeline.


And what if you hate it?

I will interview you thoroughly until I have a very good feeling about what you want and how to give it shape. Then, I’ll check in with you every step of the way to avoid nasty surprises. I will also offer up to three iterations until you have happily signed off on the design.

If that speaks to you, let's chat!