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Katherine Dowling
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Elsa Chartin
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Letizia Maulà
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Shunske Sato
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Ensemble La Palatine
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Why Summerthyme Studio?

Distinct by Design

Authentically Yours

You have a story, a heartbeat, a distinct fingerprint. From humble and non-nonsense to funky and larger than life, we ensure your graphic identity is on point and screams “you”.

Speedy & Sturdy

Not just a pretty face, our sites are built for speed and come with a solid SEO structure, ensuring that Google gives your site a friendly nod.

Effortless Updates

Once our project wraps up, you're handed a site that's as easy to update as it is to navigate.

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What’s the secret?

Process, Process, Process.

(did we mention process?)
It's not magic. We're not waiting for muses to divinely whisper in our ears. There is a roadmap.

Planning the journey

Kicking off with your goals and audience, we refine your message and we map out your own tone and feel. This part includes peeking at competitors and gleaning of creative insights.


Working it out

Knowing all you stand for and what our goals are, we sketch a structure that is easiest on your users. We then craft a graphic identity that reflects all of the goodness that is you (on a very good hair day).


Building it

With your design approval in hand, our Webflow Heroes start the magic, adding in the custom animations and assuring it dazzles from size IMAX to Tamagotchi.

only happy clients

What they say

A zombie is my website no longer! The elegance, clarity and not-a-missed-detail-meticulousness... going through the content is such a gratifying experience.

Shunske Sato
Conductor & Violinist

What their friends say

We are big fans of La Palatine's new website! 👏🏼 Congratulations to the talented @lucievanb for making a website that represents perfectly La Palatine's creativeness and “grain de folie”! You need to see it! 🤩

European sponsor of young artists

Now that you know how we work, up for some fun?

Not yet? That’s ok. Let me introduce myself properly.

Hi, I'm Lucie!

The face, the heartbeat and the soul of Summerthyme Studio, I’m all about tailoring your online presence to fit like a glove — comfortable, but with no room for error.

Ethics and a sharp eye for style are my compass; helping you make sense of your content and stand out in a crowd is my quest.

Now, agreed, that doesn’t tell you much about how I am fantasy book nerd or that I once stripped for the king of the Netherlands. So if you want the full scoop, sneak a peek at my about page.


You're eyeing the price tag, aren't you?
Don't worry, we won't break the bank (much).

Only Happy CLIENTS

(and their friends)

What they say

Omggggg Lucie!!! You are a star!!! It looks fantastic!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for guiding me through the whole process. It's better than therapy!! Hahaha

Shuann Chai
Piano Whisperer & Storyteller

Wow. Dumbstruck! This site is outstanding. I'm so jelly.

Greg Sandoval
Photographer & Friend of Laurie

Lucie managed to put more importance in my work than I could see myself. And that’s what an artist often needs help with.

Elsa Chartin
Textile Artist

Such a lovely site! Just makes you want to keep scrolling down… What would you call that? Not a page-turner… a scroll-downer?? lol

Chiaki Hayashi Kato
Shuann’s Childhood Friend

I worked on two websites with her and I’d happily work on another one.

Marloes Biermans
Netherlands Bach Society

My yearly income has doubled since we worked together. You can use that for promotion.

Inez Meer
Couturiere Extraordinaire

Well sh*t, I want one of those.

Ulrika Mårtensson
Textile Artists & Elsa’s Colleague

If I could give Lucie more stars, I would! It felt easy to trust her completely - which is not a small thing when I was asking her to make a public expression of who I am as a musician/artist.
I would recommend her to anyone.

Katherine Dowling
Concert Pianist

We were very happy to work with Lucie, who designed a fun and stylish website and was always patient and friendly.

Renée Bekkers
Het Kofferbak Collectief

I was in a professional transition and Lucie was a great help in defining my story and presenting my services to my future clients. I definitely will use her services again.

Luba Podgayskaya
Counselor for musicians

Gorgeous! and very Tom

Rianne Wilbers
Fiery Soprano & Tom's Friend

This wasn't a journey about choosing the right color or font; it was about defining my identity as an artist. Lucie tapped into that essence with remarkable precision. I'm truly grateful.

Svenja Gabler
Fierce Soprano and Activist
These folks are obviously thrilled.

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