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Katherine Dowling

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Pioneering artist

Adventurous Soul

As a pioneering pianist, Katherine's repertoire spans continents and genres, highlighted by her passionate commitment to premiering works by emerging composers and her collaborations with luminaries like John Harbison, Louis Andriessen, and Oliver Knussen. Her dedication to fully internalizing music, always performing from memory, is utterly unique and allows her to weave intricate stories beyond words, connecting composer, performer, and listener in a unique, ephemeral sound experience.

The Mission

To transition Katherine's online presence from a dark, unprofessional, and outdated platform into a vibrant, cohesive, and professional showcase, marking a new era in her illustrious career.

What she says

If I could give Lucie more stars, I would! She was endlessly creative and imaginative, in addition to being impeccable, precise, and professional. It felt easy to trust her completely - which is not a small thing when I was asking her to make a public expression of who I am as a musician/artist. I would recommend her to anyone.

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