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Couturiere extraordinaire

Like every creator, Inez has her own unique style. Her pieces are bold, sexy, and poetic.

What makes her a rare costume and fashion designer is the fact that her creativity expresses itself well beyond esthetics. Her extended craftsmanship allows her to create garments to not only gauk at, but to actually wear. She considers comfort, ethics and usability every step of the way.

The Mission

Create a sophisticated and intuitive website for Inez Meer, showcasing her diverse talents as a creator and attracting high-caliber clients and projects.


  • The existing website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and did not showcase her work effectively.
  • Lack of professional branding made the site feel amateurish.
  • Confusing site structure and copy failed to communicate her range of services clearly.
  • Unclear target audience, resulting in missed opportunities.

What we did

  • Implemented a clear distinction between services for individuals and professionals.
  • Streamlined navigation with distinct sections for personal and professional services.
  • Enhanced the site's professional appeal with elegant fonts and animations.
  • Crafted an authentic yet professional 'About' page.
  • Included engaging content such as fun stats for professionals and clear steps for individual clients.


  • Achieved a high-end, professional website aesthetic.
  • Simplified and intuitive navigation experience.
  • Elevated the showcase of her work, reflecting her high-quality creations.
  • Positive feedback: the site perfectly captures her essence.Significant business growth, with a doubling of annual income in 18 months.

What she says

Lucie really pulled me through the process. I must confess that I am a bit of a difficult client but she helped me finally have a professional website that represents me so well. I’m so happy and more.

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