Dazzling Soprano

Morgane Heyse

Content Curation
Graphic Identity
Webflow Development
Social Media Templates
Classy & Playful

Approachable star-power

Morgane Heyse is a stand out Coloratura Soprano with a range that'll make your head spin, a warm tone and a knack for embracing the tough stuff on stage.

The Mission

Creating a digital presence for Morgane Heyse that showcases her vocal talents and her engaging, warm personality, while providing a platform for fan interaction and personal stories.


Choosing the right font matters. We opted for one that blends timelessness with modern sophistication. It's bold yet graceful, making a statement in every headline, mirroring the high-end venues where she performs.

Standing out

High-quality portraits and live-action images set the stage. Good content isn't just an asset; it's the cornerstone of great design. We made her litteraly jumps out of the frame.


Web design isn't just about looking good; it's about engaging the viewer. We peppered Morgane's site with playful animations, revealing hidden anecdotes for those who take a closer look.

What she says

The final result is exactly what I had in mind! Lucie did a magnificent job in record time, and her advice was always sound. An ideal partner!

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