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Musical Activism

The Symphony of Change

Letizia Maulà, an Italian clarinetist and political activist, merges her passion for music with a fervent commitment to social change. A vibrant advocate for feminism and social justice, she uses her art as a powerful conduit for her activism, particularly in championing gender equality and connecting past, present, and future through her innovative musical programs.

Revolutionary Blend

Merging artistry with activism, Letizia's website embodies her dual passions. We crafted a space that's not just about her music but also her voice for change. It's a unique fusion, reflecting her commitment to both her craft and her causes.


The challenge was to translate Letizia's love for Mondrian into a modern web design. Bold, primary colors and strong lines create a distinct, contemporary feel while paying homage to a classic style. It's an artistic nod that speaks volumes about her personality and preferences.

Harmonious Duality

Balancing the musician with the activist was key. The website doesn't compartmentalize her; it celebrates the full spectrum of her identity. This harmony invites visitors to explore both aspects of her life, understanding how they intertwine and influence each other.


  • Successfully translated Letizia's vision into a one-of-a-kind graphic identity.
  • Received enthusiastic feedback from peers: the site is a perfect reflection of her.
  • The website is easy to update and manage.
  • Enhanced her professional image in both her musical and activist circles.
  • A source of pride for Letizia, effectively representing her unique blend of artistry and advocacy.

What she says

Creating my website was about my identity as a musician and a political activist: it was like a coming out.
Lucie was able to guide me through the result with her unique creativity, empathy and passion for her job.

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